Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gluten Free Living Now & GIG Indianapolis Host Gluten Free Brunch!


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April 21, 2012
Gluten Free Waffle Brunch Fundraiser 

Presented by:
GIG Indianapolis & Gluten Free Living

There will be raffles held at this brunch. If you have something you would like to donate for the
raffle we would be most grateful. Raffle tickets will be available at the brunch. This is an effort to raise funds to put on more events like this for the gluten free community. There will also be local vendors present at this brunch....this is not something you will want to miss! 

If you need Dairy Free Options we will make these available to you. Please also let us know if you ave additional food allergies or sensitivities that need to be addressed. Please send those requests directly to





Sat. April 21, 2012

10 am - 12 pm



St. Marks United Methodist Church
 4780 E. 126th St.
Carmel IN 46032

RSVP via payment
by April 9th
Check $15/Paypal $16
The price is per person
Kids 10 & under eat free
Payable to:
Gluten Free Living Now Ltd
Mail Payments to:
13471 Clifty Falls Drive
Carmel, IN  46032
Paypal Payments to:
Make Your Reservations Now
Space is Limited!

Deadline to RSVP
April 9, 2011

For More Info Contact: Or

This brunch has been made possible by generous donations Please make sure you visit or donors/sponsors below:




Copper Creek Farms




Fruit Toppings:
Blueberry & Strawberry
Whipped Cream
Maple Syrup
Butter (Dairy Free & regular)
Scrambled Eggs
   Coffee (decaf & regular)
Orange Juice
Bottled Water

                Stay tuned on the site for more updates!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gluten Free Living Now blogs about LegoLand in Carlsbad California

Gluten Free at Legoland?

On a recent excursion to California, friends invited us to go to The LegolandPark, located in beautiful Carlsbad, Calif.

My first inclination was sure why not go? It was after all, my friend’s son’s 7th birthday and the little guy is more than obsessed with Legos. 

Tyler has put together more Lego sets than most stores have on their shelves.

Being gluten intolerant for a number of years now, I have been adhering to a strict gluten free diet. I of course, wondered what I would eat at the Legoland Park, so just to be safe I packed along a medley of gluten free snacks to take along.

We stopped to eat lunch at Castle Burgers located inside the park. I could not help but notice that there was a sign on the window that said “Gluten Free Buns Available Upon Request.”

I was overjoyed when I saw this!! Immediately, my gluten free radar went up! What else here is gluten free? Are things here prepared safely? I would find out.

It  did take us a little more time to get our burgers and fries because the buns apparently are made off-site and were kept in a different location at the park. Also their fries are made in a separate dedicated fryer. The hamburger  buns were a little denser than I anticipated but it really did hit the gluten free spot.lking through the park there were several stands where you could buy food and drink. I noticed that Oogie’s Gourmet Popcorn and Crisp Root

At Pizza Mania there was another sign up that said, “Gluten Free Pizza Available Upon Request.”



After talking to one of the managers at Fun Town Market, he mentioned that they were in the process of including gluten free bread in their deli section for sandwiches and he was quick to mention that the Ristorante Brickolini also served gluten free pasta. Gluten free hotdog buns are also available where they sell hotdogs.

After doing a little more research I checked out their website:

And  under the tab “Dining,” you will find that there are dairy free, egg free and nut free options available as well.

The park itself is designed for kids of all ages, with more than 60 rides, shows and attractions……I was more than amused by all the intricate sculptures and creations that were made out of Legos throughout the park.

From the Sidney Opera House, Mt. Rushmore, the Taj Mahal, even Las Vegas Landmarks and New York landmarks to name just a few… will be amazed by what can be made out of these little plastic blocks.

Set in beautiful Carlsbad, California and only a stone’s throw away from the ocean, there is truly something for everyone at this fun and interactive park. There is also a sea-life aquarium and water park close by. Other locations in the U.S. include Florida.

I  corresponded  with  Media Relations at the Legoland park after we had left. Here are some of the questions I asked of Julie Estrada, Legoland’s Media Relations Specialist below.


1) Can you tell me what the source/brand of the gluten free pizza is at Pizza Mania and can you tell me if the pizza  crust in prepared on site?

If it is prepared offsite what brand is it? 

French Meadow Bakery is the company we work with, we outsource all Gluten Free items to ensure there is no risk of cross contamination during production.

2) Can you also tell me the brand of the pasta that is served at the Ristorante Brickolini? I would also like to know what name brand the bread is at the Fun Town Market and the brand name of the gluten free hamburger and hotdog buns.

Debole’s is the name of the pasta (however we do switch brands on occasion). Regarding Gluten Free breads, hot dog and hamburger buns we work with a local company G.N.I. bakery (gluten not included) in Escondido

3) What is done at your park to address safety in preparation of gluten free foods and cross-contamination issues? Are employees also inserviced or instructed on gluten free cross-contamination?

Dedicated storage containers, dedicated and / or sterilized work, prep and cooking surfaces,  equipment, proper labeling and dating. All food service employees who are not trained regarding GF policies and procedures are instructed to notify a team lead when a GF order is placed, and there is ALWAYS at least one team leader in every food and beverage location that offers GF food. In a situation of multiple allergies or any other dietary concerns a food service employees are trained to contact a restaurant supervisor although advanced notice through me via email( is always preferred to ensure our Park guests the safest and most stress-free dining experience possible.

 4) When were gluten free food options implemented at Legoland and why?

A little more than five years ago if a guest wanted something gluten free they would order in advance through our Executive Chef, Paul Geasland.  It got to the point where he was getting so many requests he decided to put it on the permanent menus. We started with pasta, then moved onto the buns, then we introduced grab-n-go items in The Market in The Beginning of the Park and the gluten-free pizza was introduced about six months ago. 

 Ticket pricing is available on their website:

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Gluten Free Living Now, Ltd.

Is a non-profit organization that hosts gluten free events in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.  Our 2nd Annual Gluten Free Living Expo (the LARGEST in the state of Indiana) will be October 13-14, 2012.  Click here for additional expo information.  Volunteers, sponsors and exhibitors are still being requested for this year's Expo.   This blog is brought to you by Shelia Cafferty and Tina Duncan, Co-Founders of Gluten Free Living Now, Ltd. 

Feel free to write comments regarding your experience with Lego Land or any other parks you have personally visited.  We'd love to have your input and opinions.