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Dr Vikki Petersen, DC, CCN and Dr. Rick Petersen, DC, CCN are speaking in Carmel, Indiana

Now offering informative lectures by

Dr. Vikki Petersen, DC, CCN &

Dr. Rick Petersen, DC, CCN

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Speaking Itinerary

Saturday Oct 8th

Lecture Title:

Gluten intolerance and it's relationship to stress, depression and hormonal imbalances
Time: 12 pm-12:55 pm
Location: Crystal Room
Cost: Lecture is $15


Dr. Vikki Petersen, DC, CCN



Dr. Vikki Petersen, a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, is founder of the renowned HealthNOW Medical Center in Sunnyvale, California.  She is co-author of “The Gluten Effect”, a bestselling book that has been celebrated by leading experts as an epic leap forward in gluten sensitivity diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Vikki herself is acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of gluten sensitivity. Featured in an exclusive interview on CNN Headline News, Dr Vikki is also endorsed by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness & The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America for her contributions to gluten awareness in our country.

Hawthorn University created a course entitled “Understanding Gluten Intolerance and Preventing Celiac Disease”, based on Dr Petersen’s book “The Gluten Effect”.

One of Dr Vikki’s driving purposes is to provide education and increase awareness in the field of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Too often patients continue to suffer because they remain undiagnosed, or secondary conditions are not addressed. To this end Dr Petersen collaborated with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness in creating a survey which was distributed throughout the United States to gain a greater understanding into the adverse secondary effects being experienced by those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. The results will be published in an upcoming research document.  The HealthNOW Medical Center uses a multi-disciplined approach to address complex health problems. It combines the best of internal medicine, clinical nutrition, chiropractic and physical therapy to identify the root cause of a patient’s health condition and provide patient-specific wellness solutions.

Dr. Vikki is passionate about community education and donates much of her time to raising health awareness. As a national lecturer and international radio personality, she makes national radio appearances and headlines weekly speaking events for Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies, covering topics such as gluten sensitivity, stress and fatigue, anti-aging and weight loss. She is a featured speaker at the annual Gluten Sensitivity & Celiac Forum held in northern California.

She has been interviewed by “Better Homes & Gardens”, “The Daily Mail” (national newspaper of Canada) and published in “The Swedish Journal on Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine”.

Also a featured writer, Dr Petersen has contributed articles to many magazines and websites including  MD News, Eucalyptus Magazine, Gluten Intolerance Group, Celiac Sprue Association,, Easy Eats, Gluten Free Fox, Celiac Central, and To Your Health. She also authors a gluten blog.

Dr Petersen has been a headlined speaker to clinicians from around the world at an international clinical nutrition conference. Her work in the field of gluten sensitivity as it relates to other health conditions is the focus of her presentations.

Dr. Petersen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College and a Doctorate from Northwestern Health Sciences University. Dr. Petersen has received Certified Clinical Nutritionist certification from the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists. In practice for over 20 years, she remains on the forefront of advances in the field of gluten intolerance as well as a wide spectrum of health issues.


Dr.  Rick Petersen, DC,  CCN

Dr. Richard Petersen, a Chiropractor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, is co-director and co-founder of the world renowned HealthNOW Medical Center in Sunnyvale, California.

Dr. Petersen is the author of the best selling book, “The Gluten Effect”, widely hailed as a breakthrough on gluten sensitivity, and promises to benefit the health of millions.

As a celebrated author, national lecturer and leading authority on the effects of gluten, Dr. Petersen regularly appears on radio and TV, educating the public on the hidden dangers of gluten. Recently featured in an exclusive interview on CNN Headline News, Dr Petersen is also endorsed by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness & The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America.

A speaker for the Doctors’ Speakers Network, Dr. Petersen has presented health lectures for a number of Fortune Five Hundred companies, including: Apple, HP, and Cisco Systems.

The HealthNOW Medical Center takes a multi-disciplined approach to solving complex health problems. With doctors specializing in internal medicine, clinical nutrition, chiropractic and physical therapy, the medical center combines the best in the healing arts with cutting edge techniques designed to identify the root cause of a patient’s health condition and provide tailor-made wellness solutions.

Dr. Petersen holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree from Iowa State University, and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern College of Chiropractic. After many years of private practice in Minnesota, Dr. Petersen moved to California, and in 1992 established the HealthNOW Medical Center with his wife, Dr. Vikki Petersen. He also participates in the Advanced Post Graduate Clinical Nutrition study several times a year with instructors from the Functional Medicine Institute. He is currently the Clinical Nutrition Director of the HealthNOW Medical Center.


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 Speaking Itinerary 

Sunday Oct 9th

Lecture Title:
Gluten free and still feeling ill? Learn about the unknown secondary effects of gluten.
Time: 12pm-12:55 pm
Location: Crystal Room
Cost: Lecture is $15


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nature's Pharm and Gluten Free Living successful grand opening and cupcake sampling




Thanks to all who made the Nature's Pharm Opening and Cupcake Sampling a Success!


Cupcake Sampling
Recipe used

May 21st 


Cooking Demo by Shelia Cafferty of 
Gluten Free Living Now 

Continue to visit Nature's Pharm

5888 E. 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN  46250






1 stick of Shedd’s Willow Run soybean margarine (softened)

2 ½ cups of powdered sugar

3 tablespoons of So Delicious Original Coconut Milk

¼ cup of cocoa

½ cup of melted Dairy Free Chocolate Dream semi-sweet baking chips

On medium high speed mix all ingredients together until well incorporated and creamy. If consistency is too dry add So Delicious Coconut milk one tablespoon at a time until desired consistency is obtained. If consistency is too creamy add powdered sugar ¼ cup at a time until desired thickness is obtained.



 1 stick of Shedd’s Willow Run Soybean Margarine (softened at room temperature)

2 ½ cups of Powdered Sugar

2 tsp orange zest

3 tablespoons of orange juice

1 tsp of lemon juice

So Delicious Original Flavor coconut milk

Mix together ingredients on medium high speed until ingredients are well incorporated and creamy. If consistency is dry then add by the tablespoon full at a time, So Delicious Original flavor coconut milk. If Consistency is too dry add by the ¼ cup powdered sugar until desired thickness is obtained.










1 ½ cups of Gratefully Gluten Free All Purpose White Flour mix

1 cup organic sugar

2 tsp Vanilla

1 ½ tsp Baking Powder

2 eggs

½ cup Shedd’s Willow Run Soybean Margarine

¼ cup of So Delicious original Coconut Milk

¼ cup of Orange Juice


          Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Using mini-muffin pans, line with paper cup liners 

  .       Cream together softened margarine and sugar.  Beat in the eggs, vanilla, coconut milk and orange juice

          In separate bowl whisk together the flour and baking powder.  Add this flour to the creamed ingredients and mix until completely blended.

          Spoon batter into mini cupcake liners filling 2/3 of the way up.

          Bake for 15 minutes.  Adjust bake time for regular size cupcakes or for convection ovens.  Regular size cupcakes should bake for approximately 20 minutes. Assess doneness with a toothpick


Monday, May 16, 2011

Gluten Free Living Now Expo Cooking Demonstrations






Gluten Free Living Now Expo
Cooking Demonstrations
and Workshop

Cooking Demo's

We will be featuring lots of great cooking demo's throughout the year on our Gluten Free Sheba page.  Looking for an amazing pot pie, apple pie or an upcoming demo?  You'll find it here (Upcoming demo...spring rolls!)? 


The Stage Schedule Will be posted soon.  You may view the current demo's that are scheduled to the right.


Artisan Bread Workshop

Now YOU can make Artisan Flat breads with Charles Luce !!

Gluten-free flat breads are an easy trick once you've mastered a few basics.  These techniques transform such simple foods as pizza and tortillas into taste-filled, nutritious and toothsome treats.  This workshop will teach proper dough handling for GF flat breads, as well as innovative baking methods and ways to modify traditional recipes using fresh, local ingredients.  We'll bake (and eat!!) thin-crust pizza, puffy foccacia and a corn, sorghum, and wild mushroom gordito. 


Charles Luce Bio

Charles Luce is the co-owner of Luce's Gluten-Free Artisan Bread and a GF product inventor.

His long career in the visual arts (pre-digital photography) prepared him to tackle GF baking's last frontier - bread - and produce true artisan products.  He taught community college for 27 years and is an excellent workshop presenter.  A dedicated "foodie" and mushroom forager (he's served on the executive committee of the New York Mycological Society), he brings a wealth of knowledge and an open, friendly attitude to the classroom. 

You can find out more at his site - or his blog -


Days and times:

Friday and Saturday,

9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Cost: $75 per person

Class SizeMinimum 5

Maximum 20

Style:  Lecture


We will eat what we bake!

Register Now Before Event Sells out

Carmen Siegfried

Dakota Prairie GF Flours

I have long had a pssion for baking, cooking, and spending time in my kitchen.  Gluten free
food can be challenging and my goal when I began cooking gluten free was to make it easier and to give those needing/wanting gluten free another healthy choice in the gluten free market.  My gluten free all purpose blends were something I worked on for a long time and were developed out of a deep love and knowledge of baking.  I now offer a gluten free blog at  full of recipes, a gluten free newsletter that you can join by visiting my blog and signing up, and you can follow Gratefully Gluten Free on Facebook. 


    Demo Schedule

Oct. 7th

Demo: Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets
11 am- 12 pm
Demo Stage 1/ Boticelli Room
Seating For 50

Oct. 8th
 Demo: Gluten Free Mozarella Sticks
11 am-12pm
Demo Stage 1/Boticelli Room
Seating For 50 

Oct. 9th
Demo: Gluten Free Cookies
11 am-12 pm
Demo Stage 1/Boticelli Room
Seating for  50

Jill Motew

Zema's Ancient Grain GF Healthy After School Snacks

Bio Coming Soon!

      Demo Schedule

Oct. 9th

Demo 1: Gluten Free/Dairy Free    Cinnamon-Oatmeal Apple Muffins

Demo 2: Gluten Free Rosemary Millet Cheesy Dippers with Marinara Sauce

Demo 3: Gluten Free/Dairy Free Seeded Multigrain Chocolate Chip Cookies

Demo Stage 2/Amanti Room
Seating for 50


Featuring GF Saucy Shrimp

Bonefish's talented and experienced chef will be preparing their excellent tasting GF Saucy Shrimp!





    Demo Schedule


Oct. 8th

Demo: Gluten Free Saucy Shrimp
1 pm-1:30 pm
Demo Stage 2/Amanti Room
Seating For 50

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gluten Free Living Now Expo Update

Gluten Free Living Now Gazette

May 2011

Gluten Free Living Now Expo is ramping up!

Mark your Calendars for October 7-9, 2011

Great Event Sponsors and Vendors are joining our cause daily!

Be sure and visit the Vendors Page to show your support for our great supporters. 

This event would not be possible without their continued support.  

Thanks to our great vendors and sponsors.  We  couldn't do it without you!

Nationally recognized Speakers

  Featuring Dr. Fasano from the Center for Celiac   
  Research (CFCR). 

  He will be lecturing all 3 days.  His lectures are
  filling up so get your tickets now.  Get More Info

National acclaimed speaker Alice Bast, President &Founder of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.  Mrs. Alaska 2011, Brandy M.H. Wendler, RN, BSN, ACNP-BC will be representing her campaign, Against the Grain.  Pam Cureton, RD, LDN from the Center for Celiac Research will also be presenting educational lectures. Get More Info


NEW Workshop Announcement!
We have Charles Luce coming to show us all how to bake the most beautiful gluten free bread out there.  His cooking is truly a work of art and now he has agreed to teach us all how to do it.  Get More Info

Great Cooking Demonstrations coming to the Expo showing you how to make Healthy After School Snacks, Chicken Nuggets, Muffins and More.  

Make sure you check out the Gluten Free Sheba page with lots of cooking demo's throughout the year.  We are currently featuring Apple Pie, Chicken Pot Pie and an upcoming Spring Roll Demo.  


Two Great Programs!
Food For Celiacs Program
Gluten Free Camp for Kids

We are working on getting both of these programs up and running.  Interested in helping?  Let us know.  Currently, we are seeking a camp ground that will allow us to use their facility.  We are also looking for sponsors for our Celiac Kids Camp and sponsors for the Food For Celiacs program. If you have volunteered for the Expo, we will be getting in contact soon.  If you haven't volunteered, make sure you sign up at our site and we will be in contact with you soon!

GFLivingNow   |   GF Expo Speakers   |   Contact Us   |  GF Expo Info


Contact Us: or (317) 771-6506|

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