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Helping victims of domestic violence with a gluten-free holiday dinner


Making A Difference…..The Gluten Free Way


You might ask yourself, who is Jaquy Yngvason? Maybe you have not heard of her yet but she’s a woman with a vision.

That vision includes improving people’s lives by inspiring them to eat healthier. Jaquy is a vegan, gluten-free chef based in New York who has worked with Bobby Flay and was recently featured on “Chopped.”

She has been working hard on her docu-series, that documents her travels and gluten-free adventures where she gets to commune with people who like herself are on a gluten-free diet or impact the gluten-free community in some way.

With a strong passion for food, Jaquy is inspired to heal people through food and help empower others like herself that have multiple food allergies and sensitivities… if you don’t know her now, keep your radar on, I truly believe she will be one of the next big food stars! Her website

Jaquy and friend in the kitchen area at the Beacon Of Hope Dinner

After being a guest speaker at our Gluten Free Living Expo in October, Jaquy recently contacted me (Shelia Cafferty) about doing something meaningful here in Indy. She had a vision where we were serving women and children a gluten-free holiday meal.

I mentioned that I knew Terry Moore of Beacon of Hope, an Indianapolis-based organization that helps empower women and children affected by Domestic Violence. What does domestic violence have to do with gluten free?  Well as it so happens, Terry the Founder of BOH is gluten intolerant, as well as some of the women and children she has helped through her organization. We worked with Beacon Of Hope to plan a  Holiday dinner for Dec. 7th at a Church on the West side of Indy.

Part of the Crew For The Gluten Free Holiday Dinner

Jaquy came up with the menu which included items like vegetable pasta, mashed potatoes, lentil-curried soup….but it wasn’t all vegan. Organic, free-range turkeys were also on the menu. And Josh whipped up a gluten- free gravy and turkey pate.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pies

 A Lovely couple at the Beacon Of Hope dinner, showing off my gluten-free ginger-bread cookies

The dinner benefited 20 families and I felt privileged to be a part if it by making the gluten free stuffing, fruited cranberry sauce, gluten free cookies and gluten free pumpkin pies. And yes….staying up until 4 am baking gluten-free pies in my tiny townhouse oven was well worth it! Some even mentioned my gluten-free pumpkins pies were the best pies they ever tasted! What a nice compliment!

You will notice that there are not many pictures of the families and children at this dinner. This is to protect the privacy and safety of the women and children affected by domestic violence. Pictures you see presented are board members and workers of the BOH team.


Jaquy’s other half Josh filmed the event for Jaquy’s docu-series and helped with making a medley of gluten free items…it truly was a feast for the eyes and the taste buds!

Josh striking a pose and there’s my husband Ken coming in for some pumpkin pie.


The Gluten-Free Spread was dwindling down as people came up for seconds

We had the best time with Josh and Jaquy, they are two of the nicest people on the planet! Jaquy worked her magic in my kitchen for breakfast the next day…..enjoy the pics of these two hamming it up for the camera.


             Jaquy’s Gluten Free Parfait  and  Ken and Jaquy enjoying breakfast

Special thanks to Nature’s Pharm for donating all the organic, free-range turkeys, pumpkin puree, gf flours and gf stuffing mix, Schar rolls, Earth Balance Vegan butter and fruit for the fruited cranberry sauce (their Greenwood location has fresh produce)

 Special thanks also goes out to Marsh and Kroger for the gift cards donated to purchase the rest of the food needed to make this event happen.

For more information on our organization please visit: or contact me at

Happy Holidays everyone! Here’s to super heroes like Jaquy and Josh that strive to make the world a better place!




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